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I like the format of this Journal. I have been able to apply it all in real time! The Journal takes all these huge issues and breaks it up into understandable pieces. It is very challenging but approachable. Each day built off the next and I often found questions would linger in the back of my mind all day. This applies to all relationships across the board from parenting, my family, my friends, community. It's helped me kind of zero in where my power is and how to influence change.


I want to thank Luticha for writing this amazing guided journal to develop a disability
justice mindset. Learning the difference between disability rights & disability justice from her has been enlightening for me. If you are looking to explore yourself as a disability advocate I highly recommend purchasing this book from her! We can all improve upon what we think we know, to become better leaders for all of the disability community. This book will make you question a lot about yourself and really reflect on your leadership.